Inspired by Eos, goddess of Dawn and Aurora, the colorful sky from the warm delicate and enveloping atmosphere that they give. A typical wine from Campania, recognisable by its characteristic rosé colour. Obtained by a fermentation in steel and a brief maceration of the skins.Refinement takes place for about 2 months in the bottle. Delicate […]


The name is inspired by Teia, maternal goddess, mother of the sun, moon and dawn. Falanghina is a typical wine from Campania. The origin of the name probably has a derivation from Roman Balkan stock, “falanga,” meaning the pole to which the vines were supported.Extremely fruity and floral. Hints of acacia and candied citrus. Secondary […]

La Baccante

The Label is inspired by “The Youth of Bacchus”, painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau.From the noble Falanghina grape is born this extraordinary wine.The harvest takes place at the end of September, and after a soft pressing of the grapes, the must ferments at a controlled temperature in steel tanks.Straw yellow color, fine and fruity bouquet, […]

Il Simposio

The Label is inspired by a Roman fresco depicting a banquet, found in Herculaneum and currently preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.Cultivated in the hills of Benevento, in a production area of very ancient origins, this wine is obtained from the pre-Roman era.The harvest takes place in the first ten days of October. […]

Il Palvese

Vinified in steel tanks at controlled temperature, this wine represents the elegance that distinguishes this grape variety.It rests on fine lees for about 3 months and is lightly filtered before bottling.Straw yellow color with greenish reflections, this wine is crystal clear.The nose is complex, rich with hints of pear and passion fruit.A fresh and savory […]