The Company

A Family Story

The company was established in 2008 thanks to the initiative of Emanuele Sepe, a well-known Campanian entrepreneur and winemaker, an icon in the national wine industry for over 40 years, having started his career from nothing and founding, together with his wife Anna, the homonymous “Cantine Sepe”, a company active in the processing and marketing of bulk and bottled wine.

Emanuele, known by everyone as “Elio”, decides to buy vineyards in the green hills of Irpinia, precisely in Taurasi, in Case d’Alto, for his four sons and start investing on the fruits of his land by creating high quality products.

After several successful achievements, the family named the victories: ALTAVIGNA.

The highest vineyard is about 500 meters above sea level, but the height to which reference is made is that of the spirit with which the land is respected and passion is cultivated.

Thanks to its experience and constant commitment, the company has established itself over the years in Italy and abroad.

Today,Giovanna, Luigi, Gaetano and Andrea continue to carry on the family business, getting their hands dirty in the vineyard in first person, producing high profile wines, thanks mainly to the strong connection with the terroir which inspires each of their wines.

Corporate Philosophy

The company’s philosophy is to give life to great wines which are the purest expression of the territory, safeguarding what our land offers us and working respectfully in the cellar.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years we want to make each of our wines unique and well identifiable, we want to leave impressed in the minds of those who will drink it a pleasant memory.