The Company

Every day we create our wines with respect for the traditions that have been handed down to us.
With courage we face each harvest respecting nature, to give life to wines that tell the story of the territory.


Altavigna, nestled in the green hills of Irpinia, was founded in 2008 in Taurasi, where the winery blends in perfect harmony with the surrounding territory.
The commitment and far-sightedness of its Founder Emanuele Sepe meant that in the early 1980s he set up his own winery in the province of Naples; “Cantine Sepe”, writing a success story in the Campania wine scene in the years to come.

Experience, study and profound knowledge of the territory, coupled with values of respect for nature and its fruits, have driven Gaetano and Andrea Sepe to pursue the path traced by their father, known to everyone as ‘Elio’, thus leading the company to produce wines of the highest quality, which tell of those places where the vine itself is cultivated.

The consultancy of his oenologist brother, Luigi Sepe, is one of the cornerstones of Altavigna’s production, which is highlighted by the studies pursued in the Veneto and France and, above all, by the experience acquired from childhood by their father Elio.

Values and Philosophy

Values handed down by tradition are the cardinal points on which Altavigna directs its work. Values of respect for the territory, for those who work there and those who live there every day. Altavigna pays scrupulous attention to the production process. The supply chain is seen as a system in perfect harmony where each part is in harmony with the others and with the surrounding The people involved in the process participate in the entire workflow so that everyone in the company experiences a sense of belonging to the land and its fruits.

Altavigna’s philosophy is to give life to great wines that are the purest expression of the territory. Respectful work in the cellar safeguards what the earth offers, encloses its juice and sublimates its essence into a unique, identifiable wine, which imprints itself in the mind of those who will drink it, just as the centuries-old bond with wine is imprinted in the earth itself. Bond that Altavigna celebrates today with its labels.