Our vineyards in the heart of Taurasi

Our estate vineyards are located in Taurasi, at an altitude of 450 meters (1,500 feet) above sea level.
The wines we produce are the result of a mythical viticulture typical of our area, harvesting strictly by hand and selection of grapes before separating the stems from the berries. the winemaking techniques are governed by strict protocols and with advanced equipment we can ensure that the hard work of an entire thousandth in the vineyard is then transformed into a unique wine that expresses the best organoleptic characteristics of our territory.

Taurasi land of wine


Taurasi rises in the middle Calore Valley, on a promontory. It is an area particularly suited for the cultivation of vine.


Sepe Family bought in 2008 what is the oldest winery in Taurasi.


Soils of clay-limestone matrix, natural conditions, which allow the realization of a specific wine indentifiable in its territoriality